Belgirate VI Meeting

‘The Place where we Live’

The space for Group Relations

1 – 4 November 2018


Hotel Villa Carlotta

Belgirate, Lago Maggiore, Italy


We are delighted to announce the 6th Belgirate Meeting call for papers. Continuing in the tradition of the five previous Belgirate meetings, this meeting is also intended for people who have held staff roles, at least once, in Group Relations Conferences, and who want to contribute, explore and influence the discourse of group relations practitioners in their fields.


The meeting will ask itself, what has Group Relations to say about the social-political-cultural-technological aspects of ‘the place where we live’ (Winnicott) and vice versa; How is our GR theory and practice influenced by the socio-political-cultural-technological aspects of the institutions we have created?


A full brochure will be available and distributed in 2017.  Meanwhile, please save the dates.  If you have questions about the meeting or the submission of proposals, please contact one of the Management and Administrative Team: